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1.05.20: Kid Normal - Unexpected Super Heroes


You can listen to the first book in Greg James and Chris Smith's Kid Normal series for free on Audible here:


It's read by the authors, who are also radio presenters, so they're really good at doing all the voices for their characters!


Who is your favourite super hero and why?


If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


You're probably never going to turn invisible or be able to fly but you can still be a hero. What things make you special or different from everyone else? (your family and friends might be able to help you answer this question if you've not sure). How can you use that superpower while you are staying at home?


Have a think about the way the last six weeks have changed our ideas about what it means to be a hero. Read/watch this article from Newsround if you need help to get started.



Watch this video from Kid Normal authors, Greg James and Chris Smith.... then get writing! Phone a friend and read them your story or you can send it in to Ruth and Lisa and they'll publish it in the school library.