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24.04.20: A Pinch of Magic


The audio book of A Pinch of Magic is available for free here:

A pinch of magic is the tale of the Widdershins sisters: Betty, Fliss and Charlie. They set out to break a family curse which keeps them trapped on the small island of Crowstone. But the curse isn’t the only unusual thing about the Widdershins. Three magical objects have been passed down their family: A set of wooden nesting dolls, a mirror, and a scruffy carpet bag. Will they be enough to break the curse? Or will the sisters have better luck with the mysterious prisoner who says he can help them…for a price?


  • Why do you think the author chose the name ‘the Sorrow Isles’? Can you think of another name for them?
  • Has anybody heard of the word "widdershins" before? What does it mean?
  • Can you spot any clues that make you think the Widdershins are an unlucky family? Are there any numbers, objects or creatures mentioned signalling bad luck?
  • Are any members of your book group superstitious? What sort of thing do they do?
  • Which magical object belonging to the sisters would you choose?
  • What would you do if you were invisible for the day?
  • Do Betty's feeling towards her Granny and sisters change over the course of the story? If so how?
  • Which character surprised you most? Did any of the characters mislead you?


The Isle of Crowstone, home to the Widdershins sisters, is often damp and chilly thanks to the freezing fogs from the nearby misty marshes. So what better treat to stay cosy with than some warming, spiced gingerbread? Maybe you could bake these to enjoy during your book club.

Find a recipe here:

Which Widdershins sister would you be? Take our quiz to find out.

Quiz - Which Widdershins sister are you?


1.How would you describe yourself?

  1. Daring

  2. Caring

  3. Mischievous


2.At a party, you’re most likely to be found

a) talking to a mysterious stranger

b)Topping up drinks-you need to make sure everyone’s having a good time!

c) Raiding the buffet


3. Your ideal gift would be:

a) A trip in a hot air balloon

b) A hand written poem

c) A pet


4. You’re probably a bit too fond of:

a) Trouble

b) Your reflection

c) Cake


5. Your dream vacation would be:

a )Three nights in a tropical rainforest

b) A family caravan holiday, picking wild fruit by day and sitting around a campfire at night

c) A week at an animal sanctuary feeding new-born lambs and knitting jumpers for bald chickens


6. Your favourite game is:

a) A treasure hunt

b) Kiss chase

c) Bobbing for apples


7. When you’re upset, the way to feel better is to:

a) Stare up at the stars and plot a solution

b) Spend time with people that you love

c) Cuddle up with a cat and eat ice cream


8. You’d be willing to break the rules if you were:

a) Bored

b) In love

c) Hungry


Mostly A:Betty

You crave excitement and are willing to leap into the unknown- even if it means breaking the rules. Brave, independent and resourceful, you’re the one others come to for solutions to their problems but being outspoken can sometimes land you in trouble. New places and people excite you, but don’t leave behind the ones who’ve always been there.


Mostly B: Fliss

Your caring nature is one of your best qualities, and spending time with loved ones and making people happy is what you find most rewarding. While you tend to let others lead, don’t be afraid to stop daydreaming and take control sometimes. With your charm and persuasion, you might just surprise yourself with how capable you are.


Mostly C : Charlie

Mischievous and daring, you’ll go wherever the fun leads you. Your loyalty is as unshakeable as your nerves - there’s not much that scares you. Despite preferring friends with four legs rather than two, you’re great company, incredibly smart and perceptive… when you’re not being distracted by all things fluffy or your rumbling tummy!