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Hello! Szia! Witaj, Привет and sveiki! Welcome to 6C!


The 6C bubble has now rejoined the other Year 6 classes to make room for more children to come back to school. In our three weeks together we made a new classroom, learnt so many new things and made lots of happy memories. Now we are sharing what we learnt in other places around the school! Take a look at what we got up to. 

Action for Happiness

We are learning to look after our own well-being to make sure we feel safe and happy at school and at home. We have used lots of ideas from an organisation called "Action for Happiness". If you want to join in you can visit their website and download one of their happiness calendars - it comes in lots of different languages too. 

If you want some awesome posters like ours to remind you how to make happiness happen, you can download them below to print or copy and make your own.

We connected with others by sending cards and letters, were "Masters of Change" by collecting all the positives about our new situation (instead of being sad about the things we can't do) and listened out for compliments that we can use to make each other and ourselves feel good.


We have enjoyed some mindfulness, that means being in the moment, especially having a lovely cup of tea after lunchtime! We tried out something new when we made origami birds and butterflies. The butterflies made us feel good because they were beautiful and we mastered the skill quickly. The birds built our resilience to keep trying again because they were very tricky! We felt really good when got replies to our letters.

The Art Gallery


We created lots of nature inspired art. We tried out lots of new materials and techniques and discovered we are really talented in ways we didn't know before!


We learned to draw birds, used our powers of observation to make a detailed scientific drawing of a poppy and experimented with tissue painting and college to make a cover for our "Fragments" project book.

In our last week together we made lots of miniatures - tiny pictures - from fragments of all kinds of things including paper shapes, buttons, magazines, shells and stamps. For our final tiny artwork we used match boxes.
Our pressed flower pictures were inspired by British artist Helen Ahpornsiri. You can watch a video of her at work here:

Wild Wednesdays

School is closed on Wednesdays. Year 6 have declared this "Wild Wednesday" and have a nature challenge to complete each week.


We made our own nature table, like the one we had in our classroom. 

We learned how to press leaves and flowers by squashing them between layers of paper: this would be a really good way to preserve any plants you collect so they don't dry up. You can do it at home with some paper towels and a big heavy book. 


Our first challenge was Wild Bingo - print out the sheet or take it outside on your phone and see what you can find!

For our last morning mindfulness, we made mandalas from natural materials including petals, leaves, shells, feathers and seeds.

Of course, you can go wild everyday, not just Wednesdays, especially if you are joining in with the Wildlife Trust's 30 Days Wild project. If you'd like to find out more, along with some fabulous wild reading suggestions, pop across to the school library where Lisa is posting new ideas every week.

Mindful Maths

Sometimes people find maths stressful - but not in 6C! We have been working on shapes and their properties, brushing up our times tables and starting to think about fractions. Maths is very useful for creating beautiful patterns - did you know you can make curves out of straight lines?


You also need a lot of mathematical language to be successful at origami. We used all these words to make our butterflies: half, quarters, eighths, symmetrical, opposite, invert, diagonal, triangle and square. See how to do it at Red Ted Art:
And of course, we need a silly song to help us remember things!