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Week 7 - Seascapes Planning 15-6-20


This week we would like you to produce something that shows a more focused look at one of our artists studied, or a different artist who painted a seascape.


Task:  A detailed look at an artist and their work.  Choose either one of the artists we studied, or one of your own.  You could google 'artists who painted seascapes' and see which new artists you come up with.


You could...

- Make a PowerPoint.

- Produce a poster with facts and pictures about the artist or particular picture.

- Have a go at a picture in the style of the artist.

- Make a leaflet.

- Create your own way of sharing what you research.


Send in any work that you produce using the year 5 email address.


The Year 5 Team.

Mrs Chapman's Painting.

In this Monet inspired painting, I tried to use longer, larger strokes for larger areas (e.g. the sky) and smaller marks and dots for the thousands of flowers on the photo.  I also let the painting dry before adding white dots and brush strokes for the reeds.  My copy isn't exactly the same as the photo, but I am pretty pleased with it.  Can anyone spot Sizewell Power Station in my painting? (You may need to click and enlarge the picture.)


Why don't you choose a photo and try it in the style of one of our features artists?

Share any work that you do with us and we'll add it to this page.


Mrs Chapman.


Some of us took part in Rob Biddulph's World Record challenge in May.  It is official!  He had 45, 611 people all drawing at the same time!  Look out for this in the next edition of the Guinness Book of Records.


If anyone did it, and has printed their certificate, we would love to see a picture of your work and certificate to add here.


Here are ours...

Join Rob Biddulph every Tuesday and Thursday for a new character to draw.
Look here for links to online galleries and children's activites.

Rob Biddulph - Art World Record attempt, Thursday 21st May, 2020.

Earlier today, the author and artist Rob Biddulph attempted the largest online art lesson...I think he did it, with around 40,000 people online at the same time.  I had a go, as did a few others and I am sharing our Blue Whale pictures here.  Hope you like them!  Maybe you can email in your versions as the tutorial is still online for you to have a go if you've been inspired!


Mrs Chapman.

*NEW - Week 4 art planning Year 5 Seascapes - Claude Monet
Claude Monet

Mrs Chapman's version of Claude Monet's painting.

Mrs Norris' attempt

Mrs Chapman's Van Gogh inspired seascape.  Oil pastel  on paper.
Mrs Chapman's version of David Hockney's Seascape.

Mrs Norris' version of David Hockney's seascape

Draw with author and artist Rob Biddulph - practise your sketching skills in step by step, easy videos.

Do you like my version of Parsley the Lion? 

Mine is called Candyfloss the Lion! 

From Mrs Chapman.

Mrs Norris' Rob Biddulph pictures