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I want to be in the Book Club

Some of you will already know that on Thursdays and Fridays at school we have a variety of book clubs: Chatterbooks in Year 3 and Year 5, and Book Worms (Years 3-5) and Book Lions (Year 6) in Clifford Road HQ at lunchtimes. We do lots of things together: talk about what we're reading, listen to stories altogether, try crafts and quizzes and, most importantly, eat biscuits.


While we are not able to meet together, we will be posting here everything you need to make your own book club... everything except the biscuits. Those you will need to get yourself (or fruit if you want a more healthy option - in year 5 we like mango). 



Here's how it works:


First, invite some people to be in your club. It could be people you live with, or friends that you call up or communicate with online. Your grown-ups have probably already decided how you should keep in touch with friends. 


Second, arrange a time for your club.  We suggest you have a look at our "Author of the Week" on Monday so you have time to read or listen to something by them, and get everyone together on Friday for your club. 


Third, at your meeting, try to do all these things:


1. Talk about what you have been reading this week. There will be a question to help you.

2. Talk about this week's book club author. What books have you read by them? Have you heard of them before or only discovered them this week? What did you like (or not like) about them?

3. Try a quiz, craft or game linked to this week's author. If you've been inspired to do some writing or drawing, share that too.

4. Eat a tasty snack


Simple! Just click on the right date below: