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Hello Everyone

I have included here a lesson in Maths on adding and subtracting multiples of 10. We were doing addition and subtraction last half term and it would be good if you could practice these activities to make sure you are really confident doing these calculations. Don't forget to pause the video so you can have a go at the calculations. 

Remember you can also have a go at the activities for addition and subtraction on Maths Shed.

Please can you practise the spellings on Spelling shed or those in your Common Exception Word spelling booklet. Can you write the words you have learned to spell  in sentences. One of the words could be in a statement (tells you what is happening) or a question or an exclamation or  a command.  There is a BBC Bitesize lesson to use to help you with this...

We are learning about Kennings this week. Look at the powerpoint and talk about what you notice.

Tomorrow you will have a go at writing your own!

Don't  forget you can email me any work you taking a screen shot or a photo of your work. 

Contact me at

Have a great Monday!

Take care


 If you would like something to read try one of the Nicolas Roberts texts

 Username ip41pj  Password writing

Perhaps you could complete one of the comprehensions too!