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P4C Question

Please find this link to Dialogue Works where you will find great ideas for family discussions

Should we give things up?


On Wednesday, some people will be 'giving something up for Lent'.  In our assembly we had a think about why people may choose to give something up, whether it is always a good idea and whether we should be willing to do so.

Is it OK to be different?

This week we will be thinking about similarities and differences and how they impact on our relationships and society in general.  We looked at this in the context of the book World Team by Tim Vyner and challenge you to pick out the concepts from this and apply them to other situations of particular interest to you.

What does it mean to be brave?

This morning we started to think about what we mean when we describe an action as brave.  We heard about the story of Joe Simpson and his climbing partner Simon Yates, whose true story was retold in the book and film 'Touching the Void'.

The pair of young mountaineers were climbing the unclimbed west face of a peak called Siula Grande in the Andes when Simpson fell and broke his leg.  Yates single-handedly lowered his friend down the mountain but when he was nearly at the bottom he found that he had lowered his friend over an overhang.  He didn't have enough rope to let Simpson down any further nor did he have the strength to pull him back up, he hung on for several hours but then found himself being dragged down.  He had to decide if he was going to die with his partner or cut the rope, letting his partner fall and save himself.  He cut the rope and Simpson fell about 180 feet in two drops. 

Yates carried on down the mountain assuming (but not looking to see) that his friend was dead.  Simpson was not dead however and miraculously managed to crawl for 3 days with his broken leg to arrive at the base camp hours before Yates left for home.  After all that he had been through, the first thing Simpson did was thank Yates for all that he'd done to get him down the mountain.


Was Yates right to cut the rope - was it the brave thing to do?

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all.

This is an exciting year for Clifford Road P4C as in May we will be assessed to see whether we meet the criteria for being a Gold Award School in terms of our philosophical ways.


To start the year, we invite you to think a little about 'BEAUTY'.

In assembly today we got the ball rolling by looking at some images of things that some people would describe as beautiful - what do you think?  The images are contained in the file below this post.


The classical Greeks thought that if something was to be described as beautiful it had to have symmetry and be balanced - do you agree?

Other questions you might think about and discuss:

If something is beautiful, is it beautiful to everyone - or is beauty in the eye of the beholder?

Is something beautiful because we think it is beautiful or does it have to have something inherent that makes it beautiful?

Is there a difference between the beauty we see in nature and a man-made beautiful things?  

What is beauty? Assembly pictures 7th January 2020

Monday 11th November

Today we welcome Nick Chandley to share our P4C experiences with us - which today will include a P4C Lunch.  

We will be thinking about the concepts around 'remembering'. - Our question for you at home is:

 "Why do we remember?"

Welcome back to a new school year.

We are starting off by turning our thoughts to the environment and our own individual responsibilities towards it.

It is World Car Free Day on Sunday 22nd September - will you be taking part?


Are we all responsible for the environment?

Assembly - Are we all responsible for the environment?

In our assembly this week we had a look at pictures of Ipswich and the surrounding area and started to think about the problems of an expanding population.  We introduced the term NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) and we asked questions such as: do some people have more of a right to live in Ipswich than others?

The question we have asked children to think about with their friends and family this week is:

When a town is full, should we build more houses?