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Reading, Writing and Language Skills

George's Marvellous Medicine activities.  Remember: do not attempt to recreate George's potion yourself.  It is very dangerous! 

The Lighthouse. A pack containing a link to a short film with accompanying activities, some of which are cross-curricular.

A Cloudy Lesson - another pack with a film link. This one shows that good things can come from accidents.

Reading comprehensions. Here is a pack of reading comprehensions. Remember, you don't have to print them out to answer the questions - you could just write the answers. Quality talking can be just as good as writing too.

Story starters - on the slides below are some sentences which could be the opening to some amazing stories.  The other document is to help you get going.  Have a look and be inspired...

Shadow of Blue - a short film stimulus for discussion and writing

You will need to have your adult to help you stop the film in the write places and to talk with you about what you have seen.  DON'T WATCH THE FILM ALL THE WAY THROUGH STRAIGHT AWAY!  

These activities are designed to take you a few days to complete so don't rush.  I'd love to see what you think of this.

Activity description and instructions for parents

Super Sentence Stacking

Thinking Stems - use these to talk about all of your learning.