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We have not set spellings each week but would be grateful if you could practise these spellings in the booklets.

You do not need to print the booklet and could work on a few spellings each week. In class we would carry out a word study. We would look at how many letters the words have(tall and short letters, ascenders or descenders), how many vowels, consonants, syllables. We look to see if the word has a long or short vowel sound.. consonant clusters/digraphs etc.

What type of word is it? Verb noun adverb adjective...What does it mean? Can you think of synonyms that mean the same?

Use the word in a sentence..say the sentence out loud.

e.g. pretty    6 letters 1 vowel y sounds like ee   e sounds like short vowel I pr is the consonant cluster...double tt

       Synonym: lovely beautiful  attractive      

It can be a verb to pretty something up   an adjective  Three pretty vases were sat on the table.


Then we practise it    across and down    CAPITALS lower case   pyramid  three times  vowels a different colour

Write sentences using the word   The people admired the pretty dress that the film actress wore...