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 Hi Everyone, 

How are you doing? I hope you have had a good week so far and are keeping well.

Today's maths session is adding 2 digit numbers. It is a chance for you to have another go at what we have been doing in  class already. Remember you can also use Maths shed activities and remember to pause the video to have a go at the independent work. 

With the kennings activity today...I would like you to think of an could be a wild animal or pet. Think of 2 word phrases you could use to describe the animal you have chosen. The phrases you use should give us clues about the animal but not tell us what the animal is.....8 ideas today please. Use the previous days power points and the poster to remind you how to write the kenning. Read it to someone in your family who has not helped you with the writing...can they guess what the animal is? Have you been adventurous with your clues and used interesting nouns/adjectives and verbs. Write each clue on a new line!

Practise your spellings too!

There are links on the Year 2 page too for Hit the Button. Phonics play/Phonics bloom are also worth a look  but you may need to subscribe!    

Try them out!    

Have a good day!

See you soon