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Dear Parents/Carers,

We always look out for our children, making sure they are safe, providing some stability in unstable times, worrying about their learning and emotional wellbeing… But with all these anxieties, it is so important to take time for ourselves as well and look after our own wellbeing!

You are doing a fantastic job supporting your children with remote learning. Some days are better than others. We hope that ‘Golden Time’ on Friday is a welcomed start to the weekend and that you get to enjoy some restful, family time! But with all the stresses and worries of lockdown, please do try and take some time for yourself.

‘Our children will listen to what we say but they will do what we do. When our children watch us looking after our own wellbeing it teaches them that this is something to be prioritised and opens the way for them to develop their own wellbeing practices. Sometimes we will manage this really well and sometimes we won’t and that’s OK. Being mindful of the ripple is the most helpful first step we can all take.’  - NHS Psychology in Schools Team

Below are some helpful resources to support and promote your own wellbeing. There is a handy online workshop for parents entitled ‘Surviving lockdown mark 3’ from the Psychology in Schools Team and two wellbeing kits with ideas of activities for children up to 7 and 11 years old.

We hope there is something here that is helpful in supporting you and remember… you are doing the best you can!

From the Wellbeing Team at Clifford Road Primary School