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Welcome to Reception

The Reception teachers are:

Sally-Ann Roberts (Phase leader)

Zoe Foreman

Tracey Bax


The Teaching Assistants are:

Terri Robson

Jessica Simmons


P.E is on Friday morning. Please ensure the children have their P.E kit with them.

Swimming is on alternate Thursday mornings ( see separate letter).

Please remember that earrings must be removed for P.E and swimming.

Reception Newsletter 2

Reception newsletter 1

We enjoyed well-being week. We listened to the story 'I want my hat back' and made hats for the bear as he lost his! We also drew our favourite part of the story, and made a scene with all the characters. Helen, the cook, talked to us about healthy eating and made us a healthy pizza wrap to taste and Jack played parachute games with us. 
Reception trip to Easton Farm Park

The caterpillars have arrived! 

We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar and are so excited because we have our own caterpillars in class. We are going to watch them grow from tiny caterpillars into big fat caterpillars (just like in the story), and then watch as they form their cocoons and then.....emerge as butterflies! We are going to take a photograph every day to put on the website so that the whole family can watch their progress. Enjoy!

Thomas brought in his snail garden. We had lots of fun watching the snails move around! Thomas and Leo made an obstacle course for the snails and they were great at moving over bridges and climbing. 
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Picture 2
Picture 3

June newsletter

Share a story week
 We have been enjoying lots of activities as part of our share a story week. We read 'The Little, Little House' by Jessica Souhami. We noticed that the story was very similar to 'A Squash and a Squeeze'! We created lots of pictures of the little house using paints, pastels and shape collage. We wrote captions to match the illustrations and thought about what the characters were saying. We made puppets and masks and then re-told the story in drama and we also looked closely at the expressions of the characters and recreated them ourselves. Also, every day we listened to a story from a different country - if you would like to find out more, come and look at the display in the corridor!

We have been learning about how to be healthy. We made a healthy lunchbox, sorted food following the 'traffic light' system, made a healthy plate of food with playdough, and talked about the importance of exercise. We also looked closely at some fruit and vegetables; we drew and painted them and also had a taste! We hope you enjoy looking at our photographs!

Picture 1

Share a Story Week! 

'The Most Magnificent Thing'

Celebrating Chinese New Year!

A day in Reception

A day in Reception 1
A day in Reception 2
A day in Reception 3
A day in Reception 4
A day in Reception 5
A day in Reception 6
A day in Reception 7
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