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Every term we hold a Share a Story

event to promote and maintain positive attitudes to reading

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Share a Story

12th March to 16th March

Women in Science


To coincide with science week, this term's Share a Story event focused on female scientists. There are many famous scientists that we may be aware of: Ada Lovelace, Marie Curie and possibly Rachel Carson. But what about the women who are not in the text books and encyclopaedias: the so called ‘hidden figures’? It’s time to tell their story.

Their story is one of resilience, belief in oneself and empowerment. Stories that every child, boy or girl, should hear.

We welcomed visiting female scientists into the school, amongst them a computer scientist, a sports scientist, a bio chemist and a paramedic. The Silly Science Roadshow visited the school on Thursday 15th March. The school library had a range of activities for children to complement the many activities the teachers  planned for the week.   

Click on this link for more Share a Story information

Author visit: David Litchfield

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