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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

Our amazing team...



Miss Jody Fletcher: Class Teacher




Miss Jane Warner: Class Teacher





Welcome to Year 1! We have planned some exciting learning for this year. Throughout the year, the children will have the opportunity to participate in Science Week activities and Share a Story Week. These additional enrichment days will support the children's learning in fun and exciting ways. We will also go on school trips that are linked to our topics. 


We would like to inform you about our topics this year;


Seasonal changes

Animals including humans


Materials and their properties



When I was 5

Houses and homes

Holidays in the past (the seaside)



The British Isles

Our local area

The seaside



This year we are focusing on addition and subtraction within 20 and numbers to 50. We will learn various strategies to solve number and word problems. We will learn our number facts to 20, counting in 2's and counting in 10's. We will introduce 2d and 3d shapes and compare length and height, as well as weight and volume.  



The children will read with their teacher once a week, where they will also change their reading book. We would appreciate it if you could ensure your child has their reading book is in school every day so that we can continue to read at school.  Our expectation is that each child will read at least four times a week at home and we encourage children to re-read the book to improve fluency. Please write in your child's reading journal to inform us about their progress or any challenges they may be facing. Below is a list of High Frequency Words the children in Year 1 will be learning to sight read in school...


Reading prompts for parents

If you would like any tips on how to help with home reading please let us know, we would be thrilled to help!


At Clifford Road School we use Twinkl Phonics. It is a fully comprehensive, synthetic phonics teaching programme designed to be used with children from nursery to year 2. Delivered through the stories and adventures of Kit, Sam and the Twinkl Phonics family, the scheme builds and develops the skills and understanding children need to become effective, independent readers and writers. Please follow the link below for more details...


In Year 1 the children use Word Study skills to investigate words. We identify the phonics, syllables, consonants and vowels in the word. We talk about the word meaning, similar words and determine if the word is a verb, noun or both. Alongside Word Study, the children learn to read and spell the Common Exception Words. These are listed below...

Reading Challenge!

The children will be given the opportunity to participate in a Reading Challenge. They will be asked to choose one book a week to read from the booklist. All the books on the list are books that are recommended for children in Year 1.  You can read the book to yourself or you can share it with an adult at home who can read it to you. The children that complete the Reading Challenge and read the recommended number of books in the time given, will receive a prize :) .The Reading Challenge details can be found below...



Watch this space!


Homework will be given to your child every term. They will be expected to complete a starter, main and dessert. The children can work collate their work in their homework books. There is an option for your child to complete more than 3 tasks and additional work (side snacks) that can also be completed at home. Here is a copy of this terms homework below...





Spring term homework

Online learning links...

DT: Cooking a healthy meal

RE: Baptism

Maths challenge

Science and geography trip to Holywells Park

D&T Building a house for the 3 Little Pigs

Cross Curriculum Maths and Geography: How we travel to school.

Maths investigation: How many ways can you sort the houses?

Maths investigation: How many different triangles with one dot in the middle can you draw?

Maths investigation: How many throws of the dice did it take to fill the grid completely?

DT: Testing materials and building a house for the Three Little Pigs

Poetry Day

For Poetry Day we learnt the poem 'The Sound Collector'. When we knew it off by heart, we decided to use instruments to create some of the noises described in the poem. Check out our performance by clicking on the link below...

We went on a trip to Storyland and visited The Little Red Hen. When we arrived, we helped her make some delicious bread...

Travelling tales: A visit to India

Making jam sandwiches and learning about algorithms