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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1


Dear parents, 


As we are now teaching full time in school, unfortunately we have had to stop adding new work to our class page. We strongly recommend that you look at the Oak National Academy website for further lessons, work and support. 


Please continue to stay safe! 

All our best wishes 

Year 1 Team :)

Scroll down for all online learning links and home learning activities! :)

Hello Year 1

How are you all? We hope you are all well. We miss you all so much. Let’s hope that we will be back together again soon.

In the meantime we are pleased to announce that Year One has its own email address.  If you want to let us know what you have been doing, share some pictures (with your parent's permission) or just say hello to us (and Ted and Lexi!), you can contact us using this address: 


Please note that we cannot use this address to set you additional work, so please don't use it for this purpose - we just want to stay in touch. Please put 1W or 1JW  into the subject line so we know who the email is for. 

On our pages are lots of new pieces of work and for you to have a go at and don't forget to check out the BBC iPlayer and Red Button service for specially-designed educational programming and lessons for every year group.  This service begins on Monday 20th April from 9 a.m. There are also programmes and podcasts available on the BBC Sounds App.  Lots of your favourite presenters have been working on these so do check them out.


You are doing so well – carry on keeping safe and staying at home.

We miss you all.

Miss Warner and Mrs Walker

We miss you!

Hello Year 1,

We hope that you and your families are well.  We are both well.  Our dogs Lexi (Mrs Walker) and Ted (Miss Warner) are so excited that we are at home all day with them. Their tails haven’t stopped wagging!  If you are looking for an extra activity to do then take a look below!

Keep safe and well.

We miss you all!

Miss Warner and Mrs Walker


A message to Parents/Carers,

We hope that you are all ok and coping during this stressful time.  We have added extra ideas and activities for your child. We hope that you find these helpful .

Keep safe and well.

We can get through this!!

Miss Warner and Mrs Walker

Lexi and Ted's shaggy dog adventures

As you all know Mrs Walker owns a cute chubby dog called Lexi and Miss Warner owns an adorable mischievous dog called Ted. We thought we would brighten up your day with a weekly doggy story. First here's some background information on both dogs...







Name: Ted

Age: 7 years old

Birthday: 10th June

Likes: Walks and Eating! He even ate a pair of Mr Warner's pants once! His favourite thing to eat is butter.

Dislikes: Baths and water.

Friends: Tess the spaniel, Norman the poodle, Bertie the beagle and Mike the postman (he loves Tess the spaniel). 




Name: Lexi

Age: 9 years old

Birthday: 23th May

Likes: Walks, sleeping, people and rolling in fox poopie.

Dislikes: Baths and the hoover.

Friends: Hasn't got any friends because she doesn't like them smelling her bottom. 

Week 1

Ted was a cheeky fella today. Miss Warner wondered where Ted was. He was being very quiet...eventually she found him! He had helped himself to the packet of hot cross buns from the kitchen worktop! Doggie time out for Ted!

Poor Lexi had a bit of a scare today during our walk to the park. All was fine and suddenly Lexi froze still! She refused to move....for in front of us was the notorious Mr Whiskers! Mr Whiskers is a huge, ginger tabby cat. He thinks  he's the boss and bosses all the cats and dogs around in Ipswich. I could see the fear in her eyes so I quickly scooped her up and carried her all the way home. She run to her bed and refused to come out for the rest of the day. 


Ted and Lexi’s Easter Adventure


Friday was a beautiful sunny day and Mrs Walker and Lexi were enjoying their daily walk together. As they walked past Christchurch Park Lexi could hear a very sad sound…..the sound of an animal crying. As Mrs Walker was chatting on her phone Lexi trotted off to investigate and that’s when she found her….the Easter Bunny! Sat under a tree and wearing a red spotty dress and matching bow between her ears the little white little bunny told Lexi how a huge, mean ginger tabby cat chased her and stole her special Easter basket. “Mr Whiskers!” thought Lexi.



“If I don’t get my special basket back the magic won’t work and I won’t be able to deliver Easter goodies.”  The sweet little bunny sniffed.   “He ordered the Ipswich cats to take it and hide it in the countryside “ Lexi’s eyes grew bigger.  She needed to warn Ted who lives in the country with Miss Warner. Lexi was really worried and spent a long time thinking about how she could give Ted a message?

Lexi suddenly realised how she could ask for help!  The twilight bark!   Later that night, Lexi waddled into Mrs Walker’s garden and started the twilight bark.    She woofed loudly across Ipswich what had happened earlier that day. Little Milo, Helen’s dog pricked up his ears, jumped off Helen’s knee and woofed it on to Jeff, Mrs Ruiz’s dog.  Jeff quickly howled the message onto Chester, Miss Whitehouse’s dog who yapped the message on so excitedly that Ted, who was sat by the fridge hoping for a lick of butter could not believe his ears!   “Message understood Chester!”  growled Ted and knew exactly what had to be done the following morning.

So the very next day Ted was super eager to go for his walk.   Instead of sniffing every piece of grass he dragged Miss Warner across the fields.  He ran behind every tree and looked under every hedge. He sniffed all the rabbit holes and dug up all the mole hills.  Suddenly he stopped and wagged his tail.  “Found it!” he woofed.  Miss Warner thought the basket was so pretty that she took it home and left it in her kitchen. But when she woke up the next morning the basket had gone and a letter was left in its place.  What a mystery!

Who wrote this note?

Woof for Carers!

Lexi and Ted have had a very busy week!  On their daily walks they have noticed all the beautiful pictures of rainbows displayed in house and shop windows and decided that they wanted to make one.   So the paints and felt tips have come out and the dogs have been busy creating their own rainbows!  Good job guys!

They also supported our wonderful Carers and NHS staff on Thursday evening. Instead of a clap….they each gave a little woof! 

This week...


Ted has been a little confused this week and it’s all down to buttercups!  While Miss Warner and Ted were taking their daily walk yesterday, Ted enjoyed having a good old sniff amongst a patch of yellow flowers.  “Those flowers are called buttercups Ted” said Miss Warner.  Ted heard the word butter and his ears pricked up!  “Butter?  My favourite food! That’s amazing.” 

Miss Warner picked a buttercup for Ted to look at closely. But he sniffed and sniffed and could not smell any butter. “They are called butter cups because they are the colour of butter!” laughed Miss Warner.

Well, all the way home Ted could not stop thinking about butter.   When he got home he realised that Joe, Miss Warner’s son had not quite closed the fridge door properly. Quick as a flash he stole the tub of butter and sneaked outside to lick it.  That was where Miss Warner found him…..and she wasn’t very happy!  Doggy timeout Ted!


Lexi was having a lazy day and was walking at a snails pace to the park. When we got to the park Lexi felt something strange...she was being watched. It was Mr Whiskers! He was spying on her, hiding behind trees and following her ready to attack at any moment. To get away Lexi had to go into ninja mode .... Mrs Walker had no idea what she was doing and found it all very strange and funny!



Still image for this video

Luckily this worked! Today Lexi was safe but she has to think of a plan. A disguise? 






How will Lexi get away from the evil Mr Whiskers? Can you help Lexi have a peaceful walk and write a plan of action for her? Maybe design a disguise that's better than this one because this one isn't working very well. 



What else is there to do when you're a dog and it is sunny outside? Sleep and sunbathe of course!

Lexi’s Disguise – Part 1

It has been a very odd week for Miss Warner and Mrs Walker because Ted and Lexi have been acting very strangely.

It all started after Year 1 started sending their Mr Whiskers Wanted Posters to Miss Warner and Mrs Walker, who printed them off and stuck them on lampposts. 


Then when Ted met his animal friends on his evening walk it was as if they were trying to tell him something.  Puddles the horse neighed and even raised her hoof, pointing to something.  Sky the puppy yapped at Ted, excitedly telling him something.   When Ted met up with Norman it was clear that he had something important to tell him.

“I must tell Lexi” thought Ted and as soon as he got home he started the Twilight Bark.  He sat at the back door and howled as loud as he could a message to Chester, Miss Whitehouse’s dog.  Chester  ran to the bottom of his garden and barked Ted’s message onto Jeff, Mrs Ruiz’s dog who got so excited that he woofed it straight away to Milo, Helen’s little dog.  The message was now in Ipswich. Milo had an important job to do, threw his head back and started to yap and did not stop yapping for a good ten minutes. If you live in Ipswich and heard a little doggy yap a few evenings ago, you now know it was Milo.  Indeed Milo did a very good job with his yapping because Lexi, who was asleep in her basket and in the middle of a delicious dream, suddenly woke up. “Mr Whisker’s is planning something. I know what I have to do” she sighed.


Early the next day when Mrs Walker was still asleep Lexi let herself out for a walk. She trotted down the road and headed to Christchurch Park and that’s where she saw him! Mr Whisker’s and his friends.  They were meowing and laughing loudly and were hatching a plan.  Lexi got nearer and nearer and was shocked when she heard just what they were planning!  Mr Whisker’s didn’t recognise Lexi because she was in disguise… a lamb!  If you live in Ipswich and saw a little lamb walking through the streets, now you know that it was Lexi.  But what exactly is Mr Whisker’s planning? …

Don't forget...

New online learning links!!

Keeping Active

While we are not at school, it is important to keep active, both for our physical health and our brain health. Remember, little and often is best, get out in the fresh air too if you can. Attached is a list of great links to help get you moving (keep checking back as new ones will be added). Parents, you can join in too, no one is watching!


Let us know how you have been getting on, or send a photo/video to mail

Links to Support Learning:


We would like to keep you informed about the spellings we are focusing on every 2 weeks. We hope this will help you to support your child at home. The list of spellings can be found in the font of your child's Reading Diary/Journal. By the end of Year 1 the children are expected to spell and read these words.  

So far we have learnt to spell and read...

I go no to the do  of  today said says are were was he me she we no go so


At the moment we are embedding the following spellings ... my by here there where


Thank you for your continued support :)


A list of the 'common exception words' which Year 1 children need to be able to read and spell.





Our amazing team...



Mrs Jody Walker: Class Teacher

Mrs Wendy Studd: Teaching Assistant


Miss Jane Warner: Class Teacher

Mrs Julia Green: Teaching Assistant

Miss Cherise Phillips: Teaching Assistant



Welcome to Year 1! We hope you had a lovely Christmas. We have planned some exciting learning for this term. We would like to inform you about our topics this term; our Science topic is Materials and in Geography we will be looking at the local area. This will be linked to our History topic 'Houses and Homes'. We also have our exciting trip to Christchurch Mansion planned where we will be finding out what it was like to live in a Victorian home. This term we are focusing on addition and subtraction within 20, numbers to 50 and measuring. We will continue to learn our number facts to 20, counting in 2's and counting in 10's. Please find below the spring jigsaw, which is an overview of what your child will be learning this term. 


Thank you for your support with your child's reading. Our expectation is that each child will read at least four times a week. Please continue to write in your child's reading journal. If you would like any tips on how to help with home reading please let us know, we would be thrilled to help! We have sent out this terms homework and the due date is Friday 27th March 2020.  


Just a reminder that P.E. takes place every Thursday afternoon and swimming every Wednesday morning. However the swimming pool is currently out of order. We will inform you when swimming lessons will resume. We expect the children to have full kit in school on these days. 


Please do not hesitate to catch us at the end of the school day if you have any questions/problems. Alternatively Cherise, Julia and Wendy are on the door every morning and you can send us a message via them. 


Thank you so much for your continuing support.

Science: Testing materials

Travelling tales: A visit to India

Making bread just like the Little Red Hen

Making jam sandwiches and learning about algorithms

A visit from Ayman and Lewis the police officers

A visit from Wendy the nurse

Building houses for the Three Little Pigs...but are they strong enough?

Making dream catchers

Pleasing Pasta Spring 2019