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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

The teachers are:

2E - Elspeth Anderson 

2L - Rachel Lavender


The teaching assistants in Year 2 are:

Sally Read

Gail Ealham

Vicky Parfitt

Ruth Cornish





Sally Read ( Release cover - Wednesday (2E)/Thursday(2E and 2L)  afternoons

Contact Year 2 staff at



At the current time the start of the school day is between 8.35 and 8.45 am.

The school day ends  at 3.10

The children should enter and leave the school through the exit nearest the big gate with the ramp. Please could you wait with or for your child at this end of the school. On entry into school and  leaving at the end of the day,  the children will wash their hands or use hand sanitiser.

We will be sending reading books home with a reading journal. Please could your child bring in their books and bags every day as we may be using the books. The children can change books from the class library every week.


PE is on a Thursday afternoon with Mr Newman. Please make sure that your child is wearing their PE kit to school every week. This should include a t-shirt, shorts or jogging bottoms and plimsolls or trainers. Please could all jewellery be removed at home.






 18th December 2020

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know that 2E’s Christmas handbell performance is on the Video Centre on the Children  link on the website.

2L will be doing a performance that we will share at a later date.

Thank you so much for your support this term. We so appreciate it! We are so pleased with how hard the children have worked and the enthusiasm they have brought to everything we have done.

We wish you a relaxing and enjoyable break.

Happy Christmas.  
Keep safe and well!

We look forward to catching up with you in 2021.

Take good care!


Elspeth Anderson and Miss Lavender


Some of these websites require you so become a subscriber but should have free trials. Let us know what you think of them!
New! Are these statements always true, sometimes true or never true?  If they are sometimes true, find both kinds of example.  Happy thinking!

Maths - work carefully to find all the possibilities. Look at the Year 1 page for similar work and year three for an extra challenge!

Keeping Active

While we are not at school, it is important to keep active, both for our physical health and our brain health. Remember, little and often is best, get out in the fresh air too if you can. Attached is a list of great links to help get you moving (keep checking back as new ones will be added). Parents, you can join in too, no one is watching!


Let us know how you have been getting on, or send a photo/video to mail



PE and Swimming

Keep the home fires burning Christmas Drama

Our Artwork of Framlingham and Orford Castles

Share a Story Week Year 2

Exploring habitats and making a journey stick in Holywells Park

Science Week Investigating and testing bridges

Science Week Making a gyrocopter

Science Week Rocket balloon

Science Week Going on a journey-using Beebots

Visit to Orford and Framlingham Castles in October 2018