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Year 5

 Easter Holidays 


Hello Year 5, we are missing you all and hope that you are managing to occupy yourselves whilst at home as well as getting some fresh air and exercise every day where possible.


We wish you a Happy Easter and have decided not to add any more 'work' activities to the Year 5 page for the Easter holidays, to allow you to have a break and relax. 


If you do decide you would like to do something fun, then please visit our 'Easter Activities' page: On this website, follow the link for Children, then the Easter Activities link.


All of your year 5 teachers will add more fun and exciting work to the Year 5 section, starting the first week of the Summer Term.  This will include weblinks as before, set activities from us and the upcoming video sessions that the BBC are in the process of making.


As we said before, have a wonderful Easter, enjoy any eggs or presents that you receive and most of all, have fun. 

Mrs Chapman, Mrs Norris and Mr Holmes.

Welcome to Year 5

Hello Year 5!

Hope you have had a good first week at home and are starting to settle into a new way of learning. You may have spotted a new Home learning section of the website which is under construction, but for now, this is the place to check for updates. Don't worry if you are not managing to get as much work done as you are used to, a little each day is good enough for now. But remember to help out as much as you can at home, just ask what jobs need doing. We will keep adding more ideas for you. Maybe you could keep a record of what you get upto to share with us when you get back to school. Mr Holmes says, 'Don't forget to keep active!' so check out Joe Wicks' daily PE lesson if you haven't already or look at BBC Super Movers. Mrs Chapman says, 'Reading is great for relaxation' and recommends you try or First news. Mrs Norris says 'Why not try creating your own Pop Art like Bridget Riley?' (look at this week's Reading Links for examples).

Have a great week. We look forward to seeing you when we can,

Mr Holmes, Mrs Norris and Mrs Chapman. 

The science experiment this week is the 'exploding volcano'. You can adapt it to make it Easter themed if you want by making an exploding egg! Be careful... this one is very messy!

Spelling Frame Years 5 and 6 - Rule 45 - words with long ee sound spelt with ei
Access school library resources to help with the Reading Challenge.  Follow the library link here:

Keeping Active

While we are not at school, it is important to keep active, both for our physical health and our brain health. Remember, little and often is best, get out in the fresh air too if you can. Attached is a list of great links to help get you moving (keep checking back as new ones will be added). Parents, you can join in too, no one is watching!


Let us know how you have been getting on, or send a photo/video to mail


Each Friday we will add a new science experiment that you can try from home. Today we have ‘Tornado in a bottle’. Be careful… if you don’t tape the bottles together carefully it can get messy! If you want to take any pictures, we would love to see them when you are back at school. Have fun!

New! Always, Sometimes, Never true?  Prove these statements.  When the answer is sometimes, can you find both examples?

WW2 history lessons


Liverpool war museum are offering free WW2 history lessons on Facebook and YouTube. The lessons are aimed at primary school children, but are suitable for any age group with an interest in this! These lessons link well to the ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ project that the children have been learning across the school.


The next live lesson is on Wednesday 1st April at 1pm. You can access this lesson by typing ‘Western Approaches’ into the Facebook search bar.

All past lessons are added to YouTube and can be found by searching for ‘Western Approaches’.



Spelling frame Years 5 and 6 Rule 43 - words ending in -fer

P.E is on Monday mornings - indoor and outdoor kit is required each week.

Music is on Monday mornings - clarinets are required each week.


Homework is set on Friday and is due back the following Wednesday.

Make your own maths dictionary using this template. This should keep you going!

Maths activities - work systematically to find all the possibilities. Look at the Year Four and Six pages for similar work

Class Teachers in Year 5 are:

Matt Holmes

Mrs Chapman and Mrs Norris


The Teaching Assistants are:

Kim Doy

Christine Pittaccio

Lauren Marriott

Apprentices to Mr Garrett at The Long Shop Museum Leiston

Musical Performance to Year 6

Musical Performance to Year 6 1
Musical Performance to Year 6 2
Musical Performance to Year 6 3
Musical Performance to Year 6 4

Year 5 science week

Our first clarinet performance!

Our first clarinet performance! 1
Our first clarinet performance! 2
Our first clarinet performance! 3
Our first clarinet performance! 4
Our first clarinet performance! 5
Our first clarinet performance! 6
Check out the link above to see pictures of our first Maths Cafe event!

Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations

Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  1
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  2
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  3
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  4
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  5
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  6
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  7
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  8
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  9
Share a Story Week - Festivals and Celebrations  10

BT Programming a Lego Kicker!

Seascapes inspired by famous artists and our trip to RSPB Minsmere

Share a Story Week Spring Term