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All information is from the Suffolk Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2022, 'Where do I Stand?' document.

This syllabus aims to show that we all have viewpoints about how we see the world and that in the classroom, students should be encouraged to understand that 'everyone stands somewhere' with their views.  These viewpoints affect how they see their world and that of people around them.  This view may be related to a particular religion and may change over time.  This syllabus requires students to think deeply about different religions and world views and the diversity of belief and practice surrounding them.  It also draws on 'big questions' that overarch units of work across the year, allowing learners to think about new questions, draw on what they already know and to explain, inform and strengthen and refine their ideas.


The Importance of Religious Education.

'Where do I Stand' aims to:

  • acknowledge the breadth and diversity of world views, religious and non-religious, that students will encounter.
  • give excellent RE learning to all, irrespective of gender,  ability, culture, religion or world view.
  • combine the three disciplines of theology, human and social science and philosophy to promote coherence.
  • Increase understanding of RE as a subject that underpins British values,  enables informed debate on issues of belief in a diverse society and promotes the use of amicable disagreement.

Religious Education at Clifford Road

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