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Summer Term


Sikhism: Encountering Inspirational People



Learning Questions;


  • What does a good teacher do?
  • Who would you go to if you needed help with an answer, if you felt in the dark?
  • What is a GURU? Is it a good word for a teacher?
  • What are the most important things to learn?
  • What can you tell about Guru Nanak? What are you ‘in the dark’ about?
  • What do you think is really worth learning?
  • What did Guru Nanak have to say about religious ‘labels’?
  • How did Nanak become Guru Nanak?  How did this experience change him?
  • Who were the Gurus? What was their purpose?
  • How is the GURU Granth Sahib treated like a Guru? How does it act as a guru today.
  • Who is the true guru?
  • What is chanting? Does remembering Waheguru help Sikhs?
  • What is a hukamnama and how does it help a Sikh?