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Year 3 Autumn Term

Unit 1: Bonjour

Unit 2: En classe


Learning Questions:

In French….

Can you greet someone and say goodbye to them?

Can you ask someone their name and tell them your name?

Can you count to 10?

Can you recognise the names of some musical instruments?

Can you name some classroom objects and items in your pencil case?

Can you identify colours and describe an object’s colour?

How old are you?

Can you recognise and repeat classroom instructions?


Year 3 Spring Term


Unit 3: Mon corps

Unit 4: Les animaux


Learning Questions

In French….

Can you identify some parts of your body?

Can you describe a person’s eyes and hair?

Can you say the days of the week?

Can you identify some animals and pets?

Can you count to 20?

Can you tell me someone’s name?

Can you describe someone?

Can you use J’ai and Je suis?




Year 3 Summer Term

Unit 5: Ma famille

Unit 6: Bon anniversaire


Learning Questions:

In French….

Can you tell me your family members?

Can you say the alphabet?

Can you list some household items?

Can you use prepositions sur and dans to describe position?

Can you ask for a snack? Are you able to count to 31?

Can you recognise the months?

Can you tell me your birthday?

Bastille Day