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Autumn Term

Orchestral Instruments: Traditional Stories


Learning Questions:

  • Do you know the instruments of the orchestra?
  • Can we sort them into groups? What do they sound like? What do they look like?
  • How are instruments and sounds used to tell a story?
  • How is music used in films?
  • How could you use dynamics and tempo to show the different feelings of characters in Red Riding Hood?
  • Can you write a script for the story Jack and the Beanstalk and suggest suitable music to go with it?
  • Can you perform your script using appropriate instrumental and vocal sounds?

Spring Term

Dynamics, timbre, tempo and motif: Space


Learning Questions:

  • What sounds might we hear in space?
  • How can we use our voices to create a soundscape?
  • What does this music make you think of?
  • What sort of emotions do you feel?
  • In what ways are the pieces of music the same and different? What is a motif?
  • How can we use dynamics in our motif?

Summer Term

Call and Response: Animals


Learning Questions:

  • Can you use instruments to represent different animals? Can you use tempo, dynamics and timbre in your piece? Can you play in time with your group?
  • What is call and response?
  • Can you sing back the melody line in time and at the correct pitch?
  • Can you create rhythms for call and response?
  • When you perform your composition, can you stay in time with your group?

Classical music:

  • Can you guess which animal is being represented? Why do you think this?How does the music show the lions are the ‘king of the jungle’?
  • How would you describe the tempo of ‘Swift Animals’?
  • How does the music change for another animal (e.g., swan)?


Whole class instrument lessons: