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RE Year One Summer Term


Learning Theme:  Prayer and Worship

Learning questions

  1. Why do Jewish families say so many prayers and blessings?
  2. What is being ‘thankful’? Who do you say thank you to?
  3. How does a Sukkah help Jewish families to be thankful to God?
  4. What makes us thankful?
  5. How do Jewish children say thank you to God in blessings?
  6. What else can we find out about what happens at Sukkot?  What else is there to be thankful for?
  7. What can we ask about the blessing with Lulav and Etrog?
  8. How are these candles to do with ‘stopping time’?
  9. What is the story of Creation? What does it say about stopping and resting?
  10. How does a Jewish family get ready for Shabbat and what prayers are said?
  11. How does the Jewish community pray at the synagogue?

How does Shabbat end with a blessing and prayer?