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Year 1

When I was 5

Learning Questions:

  1. What is it like to be 5 in 2017?
  2. What was it like when my parents were 5?
  3. What are our toys* like?
  4. What were toys* (from living memory) like?
  5. What are the characteristics of childhood objects?
  6. What is the same and different?
  7. Do we all remember in the same way?
  8. How can we turn the classroom into a museum about being 5?

*or any other element of a five year olds life

Year 1 Summer

What were seaside holidays like in the past?

Learning Questions: 

  1. When do we have holidays?
  2. How do we find out about the past?
  3. What were seaside holidays like when the school was build?
  4. What is different and what is the same about seaside holidays now and then?
  5. What do souvenirs tell us about seaside holidays in the past?
  6. What can you tell us about seaside holidays when you were a child?