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Autumn Term

Why do we have castles?


Key Learning questions:

  • Where are the main cities in the UK and where are their castles?
  • Are there any castles near here?
  • Why were some castles built on hills?
  • Which physical features made castles easier to defend?
  • What did castle look like from above?

Spring Term

Hot and cold places: Would you rather be a meerkat or a penguin?


Key learning questions

  • What are the poles and where are they?
  • What is it like at the South pole?
  • What is it like in the Kalahari?
  • How is the Antarctic similar and different to Africa? What animals live in the Antarctic and Africa? How are they suited to where they live? Contentious question:
  • Would a meerkat survive in the Antarctic?

Summer Term

What is Jamaica like?


Key learning questions

  • Where is Jamaica?
  • What is it like there?
  • What is the link between Jamaica and England?
  • Why does the Jamaican flag look like that?
  • How was life different for Mary Seacole when she left Jamaica for England (focussing on Geographical elements, e.g. weather, landscape, number of people)?