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    Autumn Term


    Animals including Humans



    Learning questions:


    How many different rocks can you name?

    Which type of rock do you think would be best to make a statue and can you explain why you would choose it?

    What is soil made from?

    Can you explain how fossils are formed?

    Can you list some rocks that are sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous?


    How many different food groups can you name?

    Can you explain how nutrients, water and oxygen are transported within humans and animals?

    What are skeletons for?

    Can you explain why the skeleton is so important?

    What are muscles? Can you explain what they do?


    Spring Term

    Forces and Magnets


    Learning questions:

    • Can you name some different types of forces?
    • Can you explain how pulley works?
    • Can you make a list of some materials that are attracted to a magnet?
    • Can you make a list of some materials that are magnetic?
    • How are magnets useful for separating materials for recycling?
    • Can you explain how magnets attract and repel each other?



    Summer Term

    Light and Dark


    Learning questions

    Can you explain why it gets dark?

    How is a shadow formed?

    At what time of day would you expect shadows to be a) the longest? b) the shortest?

    How would you protect yourself on a sunny day?