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South America (Instrumental lessons): Salsa! (music and dance)


Learning questions

What style of music is this and how does it make you feel?

What might you expect to hear in salsa music?

Do you know any Latin American dance styles?

Can you read music and play a simple Salsa melody?
What makes salsa music good for dancing?

How can we improve our performance?



What colours, shapes and patterns best reflect this music?

How does the music make you feel/ move?

What kinds of sounds can you produce from recyclable items?

How can you change the timbre, dynamics and pitch?

Can you write an 8-beat ostinatos?

Can you layer your ostinatos to create a rhythmic composition?


Key skills

Recognising and discussing the stylistic features of different genres, styles and traditions of music using musical vocabulary.

Working as a group to perform a piece of music, adjusting dynamics and pitch according to a graphic score, keeping in time with others and communicating with the group.

Performing with accuracy and fluency from staff notation.

Creating and performing a rhythmic ostinato as part of a layered ensemble.