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All children in Year 3 will learn to play the recorder.



Year 3 Autumn Term


Learning Questions:

Body and Tuned Percussion - Rainforest:

What is texture and what is structure?

How many layers of sound can you hear?

Can you play a sequence in the correct order & in time with your partner?

Can you compose rhythmic music for the layers of the rainforest?

What is a melody?

Can you compose simple melody loops to depict the layers of the rainforest?

How can we create a piece of music from four separate layers?

What can you use to improve your composition?





Year 3 Spring Term

Pentatonic melodies and compositions: Chinese New Year



Learning questions:

Can you describe the music using musical terms?

What is a pentatonic scale and in what type of music might you hear it?

Can you play a pentatonic melody?

Can you play with fluency, accuracy, control and expression?

Can you write a pentatonic melody using letter name notation?

Can you perform your composition with fluency, accuracy, control and expression?

Can you work and perform as a group using layered melodies?

What makes a good performance?


Year 3 Summer Term


Learning Questions:

What is ‘ragtime’?

What is the off beat and what is syncopation?

What is ‘Dixieland jazz’?

What is call and response?

What is Scat singing?

What is a jazz motif?

Can you write your own Jazz motif using a swing rhythm?

What is swung rhythm?

What are the differences between the original tunes and the jazz versions?


Key People


Jazz musicians, including: Scott Joplin, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Fats Waller, Benny Goodman, The New Orleans Jazz Band