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Autumn Term


Inspirational People




Learning questions:

  • What might happen of people neglect their duties?
  • What duty is recalled by Hindus at Rasksha Bandhan?
  • What kind of duty is Dharma?
  • What can you deduce about Rama, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman?
  • Why is Rama so inspirational to Hindus?
  • What is the Dharma of these characters?
  • How does the Hindu community celebrate the example of Rama and Sita?
  • Why are Hindu children encouraged to ‘be as Rama or Sita?’
  • Why might a Murti of Rama and Sita good gift for a Hindu bride and groom?
  • What are the duties, or dharma, of Hindu marriage?





Learning Questions

  • What does a rescue look like?
  • Are rescuers or saviours needed in real life?
  • What questions could we ask about Jesus as a superhero or saviour?
  • What did Jesus say about himself as saviour?
  • What do Christians mean by sin, its affect and being saved from it?
  • What did Jesus say about the change in Zacchaeus?
  • What other examples are there in the Bible of Jesus as saviour?
  • What place does Jesus as saviour have in church at Christmas?
  • How does celebrating the coming of the saviour inspire Christians to help others?
  • If you are rescued, is it your responsibility to save or help others?
  • How and why does the Salvation Army, a Christian Church, serve?