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Autumn Term

Why do we need the Amazon rainforest?

Key Learning questions:

  • What biomes are there?
  • Where are the world’s rainforests and who lives there?
  • What is it like in a rainforest?
  • Why are rainforests so important to us?
  • How is a rainforest different to temperate forests?
  • How and why are rainforests under threat?

Spring Term

What is modern Greece like?

Key Learning questions:

  • Where is Greece?
  • Which countries and seas are nearby?
  • How would we travel to Greece and how long would it take?
  • What are the three geographical regions of Greece?
  • What is it like to live in Greece?
  • How is it different from and similar to the UK?
  • Why do people visit Greece?
  • Why would a British tourist go on holiday to Greece?

Summer Term

Investigating my local area

Key learning questions

  • Where is my local area?
  • What are the human and physical features of my local area?
  • How do people access services in my local area?
  • How is my local area similar to and different from another area of Suffolk?
  • Why should people visit Ipswich?