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Learning Focus Belonging


Learning Questions

Where do we belong and feel welcome?

How do we make new people welcome?

What does it feel like to belong and be welcome?

What questions can we ask about Christening/Baptism?

What happens at a Church of England Baptism?  

What kind of presents are given at a Christening/baptism and why?

How can a song make you feel welcome?

How did Jesus make people feel welcome in this story? (Jesus welcoming the children.)

How will people at church welcome a baby for baptism?

What happens after a Baptism service?

How does belonging to God and the church family help people on their journey to faith?

Christianity  Symbols and Artefacts

Learning Questions

What are the best symbols of Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter?

What souvenirs or reminders from your life do you have?

What do the stories you hear tell us about Jesus?

How does the candle show an important thing Christians believe at Easter?

What symbols or reminders of Easter have you learnt?

What are the best symbols / reminders of Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter?

What souvenirs / artefacts might we have picked up if we were at the tomb?

Do symbols always have to be objects like our souvenirs?

Why is a cross the most commonly used Christian symbol?

What do some churches do at Easter as a reminder of Jesus’ death and resurrection?

Why are eggs used as symbols at Easter?

Would a footprint be a good symbol of Jesus being alive?