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Year 3 Autumn Term

Stone Age to Iron Age


Learning Questions:

1. Who were the first people to live in Britain?

2. How do we know about people from the Iron/ Bronze/ Stone age?

3. Why are these times called the stone/bronze/iron age?

4. What were Early People’s homes like? –how did they change?

5. What did early people eat? (and how did this change?)

6. What did early people wear and how did this change [through the different ages]?

7. Why and how was Stonehenge built?

8. What was it like to live in the Iron age?

9. How was their life different to ours?





    Year 3 Spring Term

    Ancient Greece


    Learning Questions:

    1. Who were the Ancient Greeks?

    2. How did the Olympic Games begin?

    3. What was life like in an Ancient Greek family?

    4. Who were the Ancient Greek gods and heroes?

    5. Did the Ancient Greeks go to war?

    6. What do we know about Ancient Greek culture?

    7. How did the Ancient Greeks change the world? What did the Ancient Greeks do for us?


    Year 3 Summer Term

    The Anglo-Saxons


    Learning Questions:

    1. Who were the Anglo Saxons?
    2. What do we know about settlements and kingdoms?
    3. How do we know they lived in this area?
    4. What was life like in an Anglo Saxon family? (homes, food, jobs, clothes)
    5. What do we know about their culture? (story telling, arts and crafts, pastimes)
    6. What does Sutton Hoo tell us about their beliefs?
    7. What have the children learned about life in Anglo Saxon times?