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Autumn Term

In Badminton children will:

  • use hitting in a game
  • decide the best space to be in during a game
  • use a tactic in a game
  • follow rules
  • aim towards a target with moderate accuracy
  • Move in different ways, identify these and know how they look
  • Show fairness and respect to others

In Gymnastics children will:

  • plan and perform a sequence of movements
  • improve sequence based on feedback
  • think of more than one way to create a sequence which follows some ‘rules’
  • start and finish using a gymnast position
  • safely attempt a variety of jumps with moderate control


Learning Questions


How do I hit a shuttlecock?

How can I aim my shot or serve accurately?

Where is a good place to stand or move?

What are good tactics for me when I don’t have the shuttlecock?

What rules do I need to follow in this game?

How can we work as a successful team?


What types of movements are there?

How can I plan a sequence of movements?

What position do I start and finish a movement or sequence?

Can I think of more than one way to create a sequence which follows some rules?

Can I improve my sequence based on feedback?

What controlled jumps can I perform safely?