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 Autumn Term Year 1 Music 

Learning questions 

  1. What is learnt by the pulse?
  2. Can you clap in time to music?
  3. Can you play and sing at the same time?
  4. What is the difference between pulse and rhythm?
  5. Can you make up your own rhythm?
  6. Can you play with the pulse?

Classical music:

  1. Can you guess which season is being played? Why do you think this?
  2. How does the music make you feel?
  3. How would you describe the tempo of ‘Spring’?
  4. How does the music change for another season? 


Summer Term Year 1 Music

Musical vocabulary: By the Sea

Learning questions 

  1. What was the mood of the music?
  2. What was the story of the music?
  3. What clues are there in the music that show us what the weather is like?
  4. Can you create movements to match the music?
  5. Can you create sounds using your voices or bodies?
  6. What sort of sounds at the seaside do you hear and how can we create this sound?
  7. Can you identify loud and quiet, fast and slow?
  8. Can you play your instruments at the right time?
  9. Can you control your instruments and voices to make both quiet and loud sounds?
  10. How can you represent different sounds? What would they look like?


Whole class instrument lessons - handbells