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This term we will be covering the following units:


Place Value

  • Read, write, partition, compare, order and round numbers to 1,000,000
  • 10/100/1,000/100,000 more or less 
  • Powers of 10
  • Roman numerals


Addition and Subtraction

  • Mental strategies
  • Add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits
  • Rounding to check answers
  • Using inverse operations
  • Multi-step addition and subtraction problems
  • Solve missing number and comparison problems


Multiplication and Division

  • Multiples and common multiples
  • Factors and common factors
  • Prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers
  • Multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1,000
  • Multiples of 10, 100 and 1,000



  • Equivalent fractions
  • Improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa
  • Compare and order fractions less than 1 and greater than 1
  • Add and subtract fractions within 1 and with a total greater than 1
  • Add and subtract mixed numbers
  • Subtract from mixed numbers - breaking the whole
  • Solve fraction problems including multi-step problems