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Year 3 Spring Term



Learning Theme: Symbols and Religious Expression

Is the cross a symbol of love, sacrifice or commitment?


Learning Questions:

What is the word ‘sacrifice’ about?

What is the most precious thing you have? Would you sacrifice it?

Is a Christian cross about love or sacrifice? Or more?

How do Christians feel when they see a cross and remember Jesus’ sacrifice?

What do we know about the stories Christians tell in Holy Week?

How do these stories make Christians feel? What questions do we want to ask?

How can crosses remind us that there are Christians all over the world?

Why do many Christians make the sign of the cross on themselves?

Does wearing a cross make someone a Christian?

Is a cross a sign of love, sacrifice or commitment?

Year 3 Autumn Term


Learning Theme: Religion and the Individual

How does a Muslim show submission and obedience to Allah?


Learning Questions:


Who do you listen to and obey?  What about in different circumstances? 

What does submission mean?  When would you submit to e.g. police/ambulance?

What can you tell about this sound that lots of people in the world obey (The Adhan – call to prayer)

What does the Adhan call Muslims to do?

How do they respond to the Adhan?

Who is the most important person for a Muslim to obey?

Why was Bilal chosen as the first Muezzin?

What words did Bilai choose when calling people to prayer?

What would a Muslim learn from this story?

Why do Muslims believe it makes sense to submit to God?

Why do Muslims get ready for prayer so carefully?

How do the rituals of Muslim prayer demonstrate understanding of submission?

Does praying so often remind Muslims to submit to Allah?

What are our school rules?  Why do Muslims do to show obedience?

Do we understand what Muslims want their children to learn about submission?





Learning Theme: Religion and the Individual?

Why does a Hindu want to collect good Karma?


Learning Questions:


What does it feel like to progress or fall behind? 

How do Hindus use Snakes and Ladders to teach about good and bad Karma?

Who is responsible for our actions?

What are some important Hindu beliefs about life and death?

How do Hindu parents help their children learn about Karma?

How are Hindus involved in act of selfless kindness?

What happens at a Upanayana ceremony?

How does a Hindu child fulfil their duties?



                                    Year 3 Summer Term


Learning Theme: Beliefs in Action and the World

What do Christians mean when they talk about the 'Kingdom of God'?


Learning Questions:

What does it mean to be a good king? How would a good king run their kingdom?

How did Jesus get the title ‘King’? Did everyone approve of his title?

What does the Bible say about the Kingdom of God?

What clues do Jesus’ parables and the Lord’s prayer give about what the Kingdom of God is like?

What do Christians do about helping God’s kingdom grow?



Learning Theme: Symbols and Religious Expression

What symbols/stories help Jewish people remember their covenant with God?

Learning questions:

Why is the rainbow a reminder of a promise or agreement?

What else helps Jewish people remember their covenant or agreement with God?

What is the difference between a promise and an agreement /covenant?

What memories do matzos and salty water hold? What is the story behind these?  What would they remind Jewish people of?

How does a Jewish family remember the story of the Exodus at Passover today?

When did the Jewish people make a public promise to God?

How do we know remembering the Ten Commandments is important to Jewish people?

What is Shavuot and when does it happen?

What commandments are read at Shavuot? How do they affect people’s lives?