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Year One Autumn Term Computing

Learning questions 

Improving mouse skills

  1. How do you log in to a computer and use the mouse and keyboard?
  2. How do I create different effects to a piece of artwork?
  3. What are the drag and drop techniques?
  4. What tools are available to make my artwork more effective?
  5. Which tools could be used to draw each facial feature on a portrait?

Algorithms unplugged

  1. What is an algorithm?
  2. Why do they need to be precise and why is the order important?
  3. What are inputs and outputs? Where might input and output devices be found?
  4. What is decomposition?
  5. What is debugging?

Online safety

  1. What is the internet?
  2. What can you do online?
  3. How might using the internet affect my mood or emotions?

Year One Summer Term Computing

Digital imagery

Learning Questions: 

  1. What is sequencing?
  2. Why is it important?
  3. How do I take a clear photo?
  4. What creates a blurred photo?
  5. What happens when you zoom in?
  6. In what ways can I edit a photo effectively?
  7. How do I search and import images?
  8. What do I do if I see something online that I don’t like?
  9. How do I create a photo collage?

Introduction to data

Learning Questions

  1. What does data mean?
  2. In what ways can data be represented visually?
  3. How can data be collected and recorded?
  4. Can data be sorted?
  5. What is a branching database?