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Buddhism:  Enlightenment


How does it feel to face something that looks hard or new?  What is it like when you 'get it'.

What is a Buddha?

Why do Buddhists use a lotus to symbolise enlightenment?

How might the image of the Buddha give clues on how to reach enlightenment?

What story do Buddhists tell about Buddha's own struggle to find enlightenment?

What makes a Bhodi tree so important to Buddhists?

What did Buddha do when he attained enlightenment?

What was the Buddha's first teaching?

What stories do Buddhists use to help explain the Noble Truths?

Why did Buddha set the Dharma wheel in motion?

What help does the Eightfold path give Buddhists?

How might a Buddhist interpret the teachings of the Eightfold path in action?

Why do Buddhists teach their children to meditate?


Judaism: Worship, Pilgrimage and Sacred Places

Is a scroll a Holy object?  Do you have any objects that you think are Holy?

Why is a scroll Holy for Jewish people?

What does Holy mean?

How is the story of the burning bush important to Jewish people?  What does it teach about holiness?

Is this a story about a holy place, a holy object, a holy action or a holy time...or something else?

Is holiness a place?

Did Moses go back to Egypt.  Why did Moses break the Luchot?  Was something holy spoilt in this story?

How does a Shabbat begin and end?  How do Jewish people make a Shabbat holy?

What happens at a Barmitzvah?

What does the Torah say about living a holy life?

What do you think 'being holy' might mean?

What does holiness look like?  What would a holy person be like?