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Autumn Term

What was it like living in a castle?

The Great Fire of London


Learning Questions:

  • What is a castle?

  • When were they built? – What were the Middle Ages the middle of?


  • Whatdotheylooklike?

  • Why were castles built?

  • Where was the best place to build a castle? [What do you need close by?]

  • What did they keep in the keep?

  • What went on inside a castle? – What jobs were the same/different to now?

  • Why did castles have moats?

  • What weapons did people use?

  • What happened in a siege?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Where and when did the Great Fire begin?

  • What happened in the Great Fire? 
  • How did it start?
  • Why did the fire spread so easily?
  • How did they put it out?
  • Why did the fire spread so far and stay alight for so long?
  • How do we know what happened in the Great Fire?
  • What do we learn from the diary entries of Samuel Pepys?
  • What do the paintings tell us about the fire?
  • What were the results of the Great Fire?
  • What lessons were learnt? (the rebuilding)

Spring Term

Polo to Pole: Race to the South Pole


Learning Questions:

  • Who was Matthew Henson?

  • What do we know about Antarctica?

  • Why do people want to explore the Poles?

  • What was the ‘Race to the Poles?’

  • Why is Ernest Shackleton an important historical figure?

  • What was it like to be the crew of Shackleton’s expedition?

  • How do versions of the same event compare?

  • What are the photos not telling us?

  • What happened because...?

  • How should he be remembered?

  • How would a modern day expedition differ?

Summer term                                           

The Changing World: The life and achievements of Mary Seacole, Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and Charles Darwin.


Learning Questions:

  • What things have changed in the last 150 years?

  • What difference did [Mary Seacole/ Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/. Charles Darwin] make?

  • How do versions about the same person differ?

  • What was it like to be [Mary Seacole/ Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/ Charles Darwin]?

  • What happened because (a life event of Mary Seacole/ Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/ Charles Darwin]?

  • What contribution did [Mary Seacole/ Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/ Charles Darwin] make?

  • How and for what should [Mary Seacole/ Dr Elizabeth Garrett Anderson/ Charles Darwin] be remembered?

  • Who are the modern day pioneers?