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Activity Ideas for Holidays

We hope you are able to get outdoors in the garden and parks and enjoy some sunshine during the holidays.  But, if it is rainy or you're short on things to do, have a look on this page. Have a good time.

You you can take virtual tours of many galleries, museums and zoos - all for free!  Just click on the links to discover something new.

Connections grids - find the connections, solve the puzzles

Missing vowels quiz - some famous book titles with the vowels removed. How many can you get?

Can you match the author's first name to their surname?

Some Brain-boggling facts to amaze your family!

Dingbats - say what you see! (the answers are included in a separate document- no cheating!)

400+ songs for you to sing. Just ask your adult to follow the directions to log in to Music Express - for free!

Beetle is a game for your whole family to play together - you'll a dice, pencils and paper.

A couple more long-lost games for you to enjoy as a family

And for something a bit less formal...

Don't forget to pop over to the School Library pages - Ruth and Lisa are very excited it can stay open online during the holidays! They are posting fun ideas to help you enjoy reading whatever you choose, as well as places to find free books online, how to start a book club and help with the KS2 reading challenge.