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I need help with my reading challenge

Your Reading Challenge

Please keep your booklet up to date, get it signed by whoever is reading with you, and complete a book review a week if you can. If your challenge is complete and you have done all the categories you can, talk to your teacher or the librarians to find out what happens next!


Forgot your reading challenge booklet?

Don't worry! All the information you need to keep going is on our school website here:

Run out of book reviews?

This year our book review system is much simpler, with one review that fits all kinds of books and suits all ages. If you don't want to print out the reviews at home, you can easily make your own by folding a piece of paper into quarters and writing on the headings yourself. The headings are: like, dislike, patterns and puzzles.

I don't know which book to read next!


You could always start with books from the Book Trust Top 100  - especially as these earn 50 credits each. You can find the lists on the Book Trust website - link below.


If you would like to read something a little more up-to-date (with a more diverse selection of authors) you can choose from this new Book Trust List and still get 50 credits. Remember to look for those books recommended for your age if you're including the book in your reading challenge.
You can also find some great themed book lists on these sites:

Visit the school library! Here are some ideas of books we have in the library for each category. 


You could also read through poems on an author's website and reference it on your book review e.g. Review for by Liz Brownlee. Read a minimum of ten poems if you are doing this. Here are a few of our favourites:


Detectives, Mysteries and Spies

Graphic Novels

A graphic novel is a complete story which has been told in a comic book format, where the text forms part of the pictures. This is different from ordinary comics which tend to have very short stories, or parts of stories and then you have to buy the comic next week to find out what happens next. 


Things to remember when reading a graphic novel:


Don't read too quickly or you won't understand the story: if you are reading aloud, explain what is happening in each frame to the person listening and really go for it with the sound effects!


Grown-ups, be careful when buying/borrowing from the public library as most graphic novels and manga carry an age rating  - check the back cover.

Time travel/ Sci- Fi/ Set in the future/ Dystopias

Sporty Stories

Set by the Sea (Year 5)

Books about the environment

We are buying lots of new books about the natural world and how to help the environment. These could go in your science non-fiction category or, if it's the story of an conservationist like David Attenborough or Greta Thunberg, in your biography category.

Biography (the story of someone's life) or books about people who are brave

Set during a war (Year 6) and set in the past (year 5)

Set in a school / book about a group of children