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Drama is so much more than putting on an end of year play or role playing. At Clifford Road Primary School we use drama for learning and creativity throughout the curriculum.


All teachers have been trained by Patrice Baldwin, who is an internationally renowned teacher and ‘Drama for Learning’ consultant. Working with Patrice, the school established the first Drama Hub in Suffolk, which has allowed us to work collaboratively with other schools.


Drama at Clifford Road Primary includes:


  • free and supported dramatic play opportunities

  • lessons where children are taught how to use drama techniques

  • the use of drama methodology in lessons other than just English

  • drama led lessons where children explore issues and ideas together (across the curriculum areas)

  • opportunities to create, perform and respond to their own and other’s performances

  • opportunities to create, perform and respond to professional theatre performances (e.g., working with the New Wolsey Theatre Creative Learning team and the Young Shakespeare Company)


Using drama in school develops:

  • the children’s theatrical awareness and skills

  • their linguistic skills

  • presentation skills

  • critical and creative thinking

  • empathy - it helps the children to understand and feel other people’s positions and viewpoints

  • inference and deduction skills.

  • the social skills of collaborative working

  • active reflection

  • empowerment –being in role allows children to rehearse real life and what it feels like to be an adult in control.


After school drama club

Working with the New Wolsey Theatre Creative Learning team, we are able to offer affordable drama sessions for children from year 1 to 6, with 60 places available. They involve a six week project run by drama coaches resulting in a showcase for parents. The club is incredibly popular with children of all ages!




Using drama to explore stories

Using drama to support topic work