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Reading With Your Child




Reading to your child


  • It won't cost you a penny to entertain your child with a book. The Ipswich libraries are free to join and the school has plenty of books that can be borrowed.

  • A child is never too old to be read to. It is essential that as the children get older, they continue to develop their familiarisation of new words, sentence structures and texts.

  • Children love it! 85% of children surveyed said that they love it when their parents read to them and view it as special time.


  • Try and find time every day. A child that is read to has more than twice as many words in their vocabulary as a child who isn't. Studies show that they tend to be less anxious at school and achieve significantly better than children who are not read to.

  • Remove phones and other distractions. Turn your phone off and create a quiet environment. Share the book and sit closely so that the child can see the text and the pictures if there are any.
  • Let your child interrupt if they have questions about the text or pictures. You can do this too. It is important that children see the link between reading and thinking.