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Planet Defenders

Welcome to the Planet Defenders page!


We are a team of ten Year 6 children. Our aim is to develop environmental awareness across our school community and to care for and develop our local environment. 


So far we have done mini composting to learn what to do with food waste. We have been training with litter pickers to use in the playground and help to pick up waste at lunchtime if anyone drops anything. Picking up litter can save the environment because when people drop their litter on the ground it can blow plastic into the ocean and the sea animals get trapped and die.


Check out our blog below to find out what we've been up to and ways YOU can help defend and protect our beautiful planet.


Thank you for listening and we hope you will be eco-friendly too!

Dreaming of a Green Christmas

We have been testing out a few crafty ideas for festive makes that can help us reduce waste by using up rubbish to make them. So far we have made folded paper stars to hang up, cereal box gift tags and magazine paper star garlands: no more plastic tinsel on our trees! Check out the photos and have a go at home.

Mini Compost!


We cut up our food waste like tea bags, banana peel and apple cores, and mixed it with soil and water to rot down and make compost. we have to stir it every week. You can see it through the potting shed window if you want to look how it is going. It should take about six weeks but maybe longer because it is cold!