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The Book a Week Reading Challenge (KS2)


Well done to everyone who achieved their book a week challenge. This year 88% of you did this, that’s 209 of you…our highest ever!

‘A Book a Week’

Reading Challenge

For years 3, 4, 5 and 6

How it works:

  • The children will choose one book a week to read from the booklist. There are many categories and the children need to choose a different book for each one. Each category is worth 25 or 50 credits.

  • After reading the book, the children need to write a review (there are lots of different types; some short and some longer) and give this to their teacher. They will then be awarded the credits.

  • We want the children to achieve 1000 credits or more by the end of the year (June). If they achieve this, they will be able to choose from a range of trips at the end of the school year (fully funded by the school). There will also be special awards for ‘star readers’ – those children who have shown great effort, attitude or perseverance.

  • Bonus credits are earned by reading with an adult at home (either an adult reading to the child or the child reading to the adult): 10 credits for every 20 minutes.

  • We have plenty of books in school for the children to choose from, but books from home are also allowed so long as parents give permission for them to be brought into school.

  • The children’s progress is displayed on charts in the classrooms.

Some rules:

  • The books that the children read with their teacher in reading lessons do not count.

  • One new book per category – no over lapping.

  • Audio books are allowed so long as the children have a copy of the book and follow the print.

  • If an adult is reading the story out loud, encourage the child to follow the text.

  • If a book is very long and complicated, children are allowed to negotiate an extra week with their teacher.

  • We don’t want the children to read books that are much too easy for them. However, this doesn’t mean that good quality picture books are not included.

  • Book reviews must be completed to a reasonable standard to demonstrate that the book has been read.

  • Only children who complete the challenge will go on the end of year trip.

If a child is still learning English or has special needs related to reading, they can still join in as we have adapted the challenge for them.

Parental support:

  • We don’t want any child to miss out so please support your child at home with 20 minutes of reading each day.

  • We ask that parents check daily that their child has brought home their reading challenge booklet and book of the week  so that they can check up on their progress and let us know when an adult has read with them.

  • If your child has an evening club, help them catch up with some ‘binge reading’ – and remember, you can read to them if they are tired. Just follow the text together.

  • Your child’s teacher will let you know if your child is falling behind so that we can work out a plan with you to get them back on track.